Commercial Floor Screed

Commercial Floor Screed

Commercial Building Flooring Screeds

Flo screed UK Ltd can provide you with a level surface on all commercial projects. We can install large areas of self-levelling floor screed in a single day as the product has an extremely low shrinkage rate it can be poured without using stress joins, making the screed process quick and easy in every project.

The benefits of liquid screed are enormous, large spaces can be covered in a short space of time with a speed of application of 1500m2 plus per day. We are able to pump 180m horizontally and 100m vertically allowing us to lay liquid in apartments / high-rise buildings.

Liquid screed applied around heating pipes eliminates air-pockets and improves the efficiency of the heating system. Liquid screed is also used for acoustic insulation where “Sound Bar” systems are used.

Flexibility in design on mixed use schemes often mean the floor finish needs to be able to cope with variety of uses throughout its working life. Our high performance screeds are also ideal to use on composite or mezzanine floor systems due to the thinner section detail that can be achieved verses conventional systems. This facilitates a durable and flexible surface, with a reduced overall floor weight, making them ideal for open-plan, multi storey designs.

School, colleges and universities can present a demanding environment for building materials, as a result it is important that the materials used are proven and durable and can also cope with multi- purpose applications often demanded by this sector. Our screeds have be thoroughly tested to comply with necessary crushing levels in order to ensure they suit area of high volume of foot traffic.