How Screed Works

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Providing more than just the screed

Flo-screed is applied in liquid form, as the screed is applied it flows around the pipe forming a void free screed. No voids mean greater conductivity allowing heat to diffuse evenly in the screed.

The screed is far more robust than conventional screeds, reaching strengths of 30N/mm2 allowing it to be laid earlier in the build process, this has a number of advantages including allowing the screed to continue drying as the build progresses resulting in being able to lay final finishes such as tiles at a desired point in the build and also will act as a physical datum throughout the build process allowing for accurate and faster installation of door linings, stud partitioning, skirting boards, kitchen units and stairs etc.

The physical properties of the material allow for a thinner screed therefore there is less material to heat so the room reaches its desired temperature earlier, similarly when the heat source is turned off the screed cools faster resulting in quicker response times and approximately 30% improved efficiency over traditional sand and cement screeds.

The key features of liquid underfloor heating floor screed


  • Over underfloor heating Flo-screed can be laid to a depth of 30mm above the top of the underfloor heating pipes. Typically 50mm

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