Fast Drying Screed in Merthyr Tydfil

The Challenge
When a distressed homeowner set out to rectify her rotting timber framed home in Merthyr Tydfil by building an extension on the back of her house, Flo-Screed UK Ltd were consulted by the Contractor to help find a solution to the internal floor.

As the homeowner was still residing in the house and the construction work greatly impacted in her quality of life, time was of the essence. She had gone on holiday and the plan was to ensure the floor was installed and ready to be walked on by the time she returned.

To add to the situation, when the old floor was lifted it was evident that there was a sub-floor level issue in that there was a major differential in the height of the floor at one end of the house compared to the another.

Our Solution
The solution provided was the new flowing cementitious fast drying screed. Easy to install, with drying times of between 14-21 days and minimum sanding required, using this product meant that we were able to lay 95m of floor in 45 minutes from the point of discharge using one gang as opposed to two.
Also due to the greatly reduced drying times of fast drying liquid screed there was no issue with the depth of screed that needed to be laid at one end of the house to rectify the floor level issue that has been uncovered.

Results & Benefits
Along with the speed of installation and the ability to create a perfectly flat finished floor from a very unlevel starting point the floor was dry and ready to accept final floor coverings after 21 days.In the light of the fantastic floor finish it was also possible for the contractor to use more cost-effective floor preparation materials before laying the final laminate floor which helped to keep costs down.

Product: Fast Dry Liquid Screed
Site preparation: Flo-Screed
Location: Merthyr Tydfil
Project Date: 08/2015