Liquid Floor Screeds FAQs

What is the minimum required depth of a liquid screed?

Over Existing floors 30mm
Over Insulation 40mm
Over UFH – minimum 30mm coverage above the pipes (approx 50mm of screed)

How far can you pump liquid screed?
Please contact the office.
When can I walk on the floor after the screed has been laid?
Light foot traffic after 36 hours (this is weather and site dependant)
How long before I can use my UFH after the screed has been laid?

For the standard drying screed, the UFH may be commissioned and switched on after 7 days, with the fast-drying screed this can be switched on after 14 days.

Do I need to seal the floor before I can fit my finished floor?

For the standard drying screed you will need to seal the floor with an acrylic sealer if you intend to lay floor tiles (all other coverings will need to be checked with the manufacturer).  For the fast drying screed no specialist sealer is required (unless stated otherwise).

Does the screed need sanding when completed?

A light sanding is required to all our standard drying screeds, fast drying screeds may not require sanding prior to the application of coverings (it is however recommended that the surface of the screeds be lightly abraded to ensure a good key to receive primers and adhesives.

How long does the screed take to dry?

In good conditions standard drying screed has a drying time of 1mm per day up to 40mm.

And 0.5mm after that.  Fast drying screed will dry within 14-21 days.  Drying times can be greatly affected by site conditions so it is advised that the atmosphere is kept as dry as possible.